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10 Challenges with Running Background Checks on Foreign Au Pairs

It can be overwhelming when working with a foreign au pair especially when it comes to running background checks. You can run into a lot of road blocks if you are not prepared and informed of the possible challenges you may face. Here are 10 challenges to be aware of before you start that background check:

  1. Stressful: Running a background check on an au pair can be a hard task that requires more time than you have and more money you were willing to pays, causing you a lot of stress. Best advice is to be prepared for whatever is thrown your way in this process.
  2. How to start: Starting is the hardest part, but it is vital that you run a background check on a foreign au pair. There are many scams and people who run scams out there. Start with asking basic questions and getting their full name, contact information and personal id numbers.
  3. Correct information: It can be difficult to determine whether the information the au pair gave you is correct or not. The best way to avoid being lied too is to, run several background checks as well as going through an au pair agency website.
  4. Where to get a background check: There are plenty of websites that can assist you, especially for foreign au pairs. Search for an international background check website.
  5. Cost: Because you can’t just do a search at your local county office or police department, it will cost you to run a background check on your foreign au pair.
  6. Time: This will take time and sometimes it can take longer than you want. Because of the language barrier and getting the results can take some time to translate.
  7. Language barrier: Depending on what country your au pair hails from, you may run into a language problem. Either find someone that speaks your language or that can help you speak their language when you are requesting the information to make sure nothing is getting lost in translation.
  8. Different laws: United States laws differ from other countries and it is best that you do your research on laws in the country your au pair resides in. This will make it easier once the results come back.
  9. Delivery method: You may run into a problem when it comes to the delivery method. Do not opt for paper mail. Some places do offer results through email.
  10. Determining results: When your results are completed and it comes back with questionable offenses. The best thing to do is to review law differences and determine whether or not this is something you are willing to accept. 
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