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10 Great Au Pair Interview Questions

Hiring an au pair for your family is an important family decision. An au pair become part of your family and your family’s lifestyle. It is vital that the au pair you choose is fits in your life and you in theirs. Here are 10 interview questions to ask your au pair:

  1. What is your experience with children? Parents will want to know your experience you have had with children, for how long, why you left that family and what you liked about it. Prepare to answer many questions about your views on children and your experience with them. Parents will sometimes request photos, so have some prepared.
  2. What would you do if? Ask the au pair hypothetical questions that pertain to your family and children. Questions like what do you do when my baby won’t stop crying? How do you get my oldest to her homework? If my youngest told you she had a tummy ache what would you do? These questions will help you examine how the au pair operates when something comes up.
  3. What values and lessons can you bring to our family? Ask what special talents, personality traits and training that the au pair can bring to the family. You want an au pair that does an excellent job with your family but that also can bring something to the family.
  4. Do you know first aid and CPR? If a major or minor emergency situation occurs you want to know that the au pair is able to react calmly and correctly. If they don’t know how to perform CPR or first aid, you can always have them trained for a low cost.
  5. What do you need us to provide you? Asking the au pair what they want provided from the family is important in making sure that your au pair in feeling welcomed and happy. Asking anything from emotional support to televisions for their private bedroom can be expected.
  6. Do you have references? This is very important and really your only way to see if the au pair is right for your family. The references should be former employers, friends and family. Check ALL references by calling and asking them questions about the au pair.
  7. Do you drive? If you au pair is not from the United States, this can be a big factor when it comes to hiring them. Ask if they are comfortable driving in your area. If not you can either take the time to train them or find someone who is more comfortable.
  8. How do you feel about this area? Whether you live in the country or the city it is important that your au pair feels comfortable in that area. An au pair raised in the country may have a hard time adjusting to busy city life and vice versa.
  9. Are you comfortable with our family values? If you are a family that attends church, or has certain habits and values that you follow run them by the au pair. Make sure the au pair is familiar with them and willing to accept and respect your lifestyle.
  10. Are you comfortable living with our family and apart from yours? Au pairs with the least amount experience or that have not lived far from their families may have a hard time leaving their families. Be sure that they are comfortable with the thought of being further away. Help them ease their worries by offering free phone calls and visits.
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