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10 iPhone Apps for Budding Chefs

When youngsters exhibit an interest in cooking and preparing food, an iPhone can be a very powerful tool to help them learn basic rules of the kitchen. The ability to interact with the device in a more hands-on way than is possible with television or traditional cookbooks can also cater to the notoriously short attention spans of the younger set. With these ten apps, your burgeoning epicurean will be on the way to kitchen confidence in no time at all.

  1. My Little Cook HD – Healthy Cooking For Kids – Part interactive game and part cookbook, this $2.99 app is a great resource for helping kids learn their way around the kitchen. As an added bonus, you can also snap a picture of your little one’s lovely face to personalize the app.
  2. Cooking With Kids – With ninety simple recipes designed with little cooks in mind, this $4.99 app offers easy-to-follow steps and great illustrations to help foster a love of food preparation in your little chef. There’s also a section for holiday-specific dishes, which allow your youngster to prepare his own offering for the holiday table.
  3. Kitchen Monsters – Cooking For Kids – For $1.99, Kitchen Monsters packs a lot of valuable features into one small app. with forty-five recipes divided into six categories, hints, tips and food facts as well as a built-in timer and conversion tool, all of the basics are covered. There’s also a Kitchen Monsters Code section, a safety guide designed with kids in mind.
  4. Little Cook – If your child is still too young to get her hands dirty in the kitchen but expresses an interest in food preparation, Little Cook might be just the app you’re looking for. At $3.99 in the App Store, this cooking game allows kids to explore food combinations and kitchen rules without actually venturing into the sometimes-dangerous world of hot stoves and sharp knives.
  5. 100 Kids Recipes – This no-frills, $0.99 app offers just what it advertises. With 100 kid-approved recipes, the application is a great tool for parents that are willing to work with their kids in the kitchen but aren’t quite sure what to prepare. With fun names like Butterfly Bites and Fish in the River, these dishes are sure to be a hit with your kids from prep to plate.
  6. Easy Food Kids Cookbook – The Easy Food Kids Cookbook is a free app, but users must purchase either single editions or annual subscriptions to access the recipes, hints and tips available. There are sections for lunchbox ideas and after-school snacks, allowing kids to lend a hand in the creation of more than just elaborate meal items.
  7. Food Safety Guide – One of the most important skills than any new cook can master, regardless of age, is a working knowledge of food safety and safe handling practices. Offering minimum cooking temperatures, clean-up techniques and a frequently asked questions section, this $0.99 app is a valuable addition to your youngster’s cooking information arsenal.
  8. Kids Fun Recipes – At less than a dollar, Kids Fun Recipes is worth the investment. The recipes are simple and have cute names that kids are sure to love, though there are no pictures of the prepared items.
  9. Kids Recipes – Thirty traditional kid favorites are explored in this $1.99 app, which offers a selection of dishes that cater unrepentantly to the smaller set. While parents may not find Apple Nachos or Fruitiritto Burritos very appealing, aspiring chefs of the younger sort are guaranteed to be enthusiastic.
  10. Kitchen Timer – No young chef’s tool kit is complete without a trusty kitchen timer, and this free app rises to the occasion beautifully. Prevent burned food and tears by downloading the Kitchen Timer app before your first cooking lesson.

These apps are great ways to help kids become more confident in their cooking skills, but are no match for the guidance and supervision of an experienced adult. For best results, they should be used as a teaching aid by an adult who has a working knowledge of food preparation. Food safety and contamination may be issues that younger cooks have difficulty remembering properly, so it’s also wise to keep an eye out for any unsafe food handling habits that kids may be inadvertently acquiring.

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