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10 Most Requested Countries by Au Pairs and Why

After your decision to become an au pair the next step is picking which country you want to travel to. The options are endless; however some countries are seen as much more desirable destinations than others. These ten countries are popular picks amongst au pairs:

  1. United States – The United States brings in a large chunk of au pairs every year. The diversity of the United States and the opportunities available once you’re here make it a recurring pick amongst prospective au pairs.
  2. United Kingdom – With so much rich history in the country, the United Kingdom is repeatedly a top pick for au pairs. However there are strict laws on au pairs in the U.K., and you have to be part of a work-study program to be allowed to work. You also can’t be from the U.S. and be an au pair in the U.K.
  3. France – The lure of France, with its romantic destination spots and high quality food and wine experiences has led to many people lusting after the idea of being an au pair here. Because you have to enroll in language classes you will become fluent in the language quickly. Just be aware that there are typically high placement fees when getting placed in France.
  4. Switzerland – Au pairs in Switzerland have the benefit of the host family paying half of the cost of language courses, which can save you a nice chunk of change. Full of beautiful towns and a lot of attractive destination spots, Switzerland continues to remain popular amongst au pairs.
  5. Germany – Germany acts as a great home-base to seeing several other neighboring countries, which is an attractive option as an au pair. At the end of a 12 month stay in Germany you will be reimbursed by the host family for the cost of your return flight home.
  6. Canada – For those interested in a more permanent position, Canada offers a little bit longer stay than other countries, allowing you two years to work. At the end of your employment you are either able to apply for citizenship or return home.
  7. Belgium – Belgium offers a slew of monetary benefits for au pairs. The country requires that the host family pay not only weekly fees but also the work permit fee along with some compulsory benefits.
  8. Austria – While you have to prove having some German knowledge before being accepted as an au pair in Austria, the country gives you a 5 week paid holiday where you are free to visit other parts of the country and travel as you wish.
  9. Italy – Another destination that is full of history, beautiful cities, and historic attractions, Italy remains a popular choice that au pairs want to work in. The only catch is that you have to be from the European Union to be considered.
  10. Greece – Becoming an au pair in Greece is a little more lax than other countries, and that coupled with its lush demographic make it a popular choice. Au pairs here typically work up to 40 hours a week, but if they’re willing to work 45 hours a week they’ll get a 25% pay increase for those additional hours.

Each country has its own advantages and disadvantages, but all offer great opportunities for seeing a new country and learning a new culture. Where ever you pick is sure to be full of great learning experiences.

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