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10 Most Requested U.S. Cities by Foreign Au Pairs

When au pairs from other countries think of the United States, there are a few specific places that come to mind. Most of the world has been exposed to Hollywood’s version of America, which also affects the au pairs’ desire to live and work in specific areas. Here are the ten most requested cities au pairs seem to find attractive.

  1. New York, New York – Ah, New York. The city so nice that they named it twice. Who hasn’t heard of the Big Apple? If an au pair is craving the big city life of adventure, shopping, and tons of new people to meet, then they are sure to look at New York first.
  2. Los Angeles, California – For movie star wannabes and fashion lovers, au pairs can’t go wrong with Los Angeles. The site of so many of the Hollywood films they’ve seen, most au pairs think of this city as larger than life.
  3. San Diego, California – Down by Mexico on the cool, clear waters of the Pacific. Southern California at its best. Any beach going and surf loving au pair is going to check out this city right off the bat.
  4. San Francisco/San Jose, California – The sights and sounds of the city with the beauty of the ocean. The best of both worlds, this area of California is great for those who love the beach but don’t want to leave the comforts of the city.
  5. Nashville, Tennessee – If the au pair has a thing for country music, then Nashville is the place to look for work. Packed to the brim with musical opportunities and southern charm, Nashville is high on some au pairs’ to-go lists.
  6. Houston, Texas – I have one word for you: oil. The biggest oil and gas companies in the world are centered here, and that means lots and lots of money. A smart au pair goes where the money and jobs are, and that is Houston. It may not be the prettiest place in the world, but it offers all the perks of a big city plus a low cost of living. Win win.
  7. San Antonio, Texas – Culture, color, a river and tons of jobs. What more could an au pair want? This Texas city comes with a Mexican flair and a cross cultural heritage. Great for the au pair who speaks Spanish, San Antonio offers beautiful scenery and a gorgeous river walk.
  8. Phoenix, Arizona – Can you say sunny? If an au pair is looking for sunshine most of the year and no winter, than this is the city to go to. The low humidity makes for great sunbathing weather by the pool.
  9. Las Vegas, Nevada – Ah, Vegas. Because what happens here, stays here. If an au pair loves to gamble, see shows, or just loves the night life, then Vegas is the place to be.
  10. Miami, Florida – The beach, the sun, the clear water; what more do you want? A cross cultural wonderland, Miami is just off the Keys, which means clear blue water as far as the eye can see. What’s not to love?

No matter what country an au pair is coming from, there are a few US cities that stand out in the global consciousness. Thankfully, these are also some of the most highly populated cities. There is a good chance that any au pair can find the perfect position in the city of their choice.

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