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10 Organizations that Help Parents of Autistic Children

When parents learn that their child has autism, they may experience a range of emotions.  Without guidance from a counselor or a support group to help walk them through those emotions, the marriage may be at risk for falling apart. There are many organizations that support parents of children with autism and help them cope with the daily challenges that families with an autistic child face.

The following 10 organizations exist to support parents of autistic children.

  1. POAC: Parents of Autistic Children provides free resources for parents to get training to help their child become more functional, to correct behavior problems and to socialize their child.  They also sponsor many events throughout the year for children to participate in ranging from horseback riding to surfing.
  2. OAR: The Organization for Autism Research is a great resource for parents to learn about autism and its many variations.  They have created a reference guide for parents as well as educators.  Some children may not display all symptoms, so it’s nice to have a guide that will help parents be able to research autism and to figure out what they can do to help their child.
  3. Children’s Disabilities Information: The Children’s Disabilities Information website has support groups covering every topic you can think of as it relates to autism and Asperger’s.  There are groups that support that exist for parents who are just dealing with the news of having an autistic child, support groups for parents who have adult autistic children, and support groups for everything in between.  Some groups are specific to different ways of treating autism, such as through diet, and in these groups there are forums with information, like recopies, to help.  
  4. National Autism Association: The National Autism Association provides parents with tons of information and is a great place for people to learn about different treatments and facilities for autistic children. 
  5. Autism Science Foundation: The Autism Science Foundation supports cutting edge research in autism.  You’ll find a list of everything they fund on this site, as well as resources that help visitors better understand autism.
  6. Families Together: Families Together helps families that have children with disabilities. They present recreational activities that help build a stronger family unit.  They also advocate services for the non-disabled sibling so that they can better understand how to help their sibling and how to deal with the stress that comes along with having a disabled sibling.
  7. FACES: This Foundation for Autistic Childhood Education and Support is a fantastic organization that helps parents find all of the information that they need in one spot.  Education for a child with autism is very important and finding out the right way to go about getting special help for your child is priceless.  This organization is helping many families open up the future for their children.
  8. Easter Seals: Easter Seals is a non-profit organization helps people who have autism to get jobs that will help them live independently.  While the program starts with children aged 16, the services don’t end there.  Easter Seals has services for inclusive daycare for preschoolers and services to help autistic children transition into a mainstream school.  They also raise a great deal of money for people with autism and autism research.
  9. Kennedy Krieger Institute: The Kennedy Krieger Institute has it all, including researchers dedicated to figuring out why autism is growing at such an alarming rate.  It is said that approximately 1 out of every 88 children will be diagnosed with autism.  These figures are staggering.  The Institute helps parents find a specialist to help your child get the care he needs.  Being well informed about what is available for your child is of key importance. The Institute even has support groups for the entire family.
  10. USAAA: The U.S. Autism and Asperger’s Association is helping children reach their full potential.  Some may be surprised that this organization is helping autism students attend college.  The association keeps parents informed with newsletters and webcasts and they even hold conferences all across the U.S. to share information about the latest research and spread a message of hope for kids with autism. 
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