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10 Organizations That Help Parents of Blind Children

Whether your child is born blind or becomes blind due to disease or accident, the proper support and guidance can help families with children who are blind cope and live successful lives.

Check out these 10 organizations that support parents of blind children.

  1. NOPBC: The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children focuses on the positive side of blindness.  They do not consider blindness to be a tragedy, but just one more chapter in the story that makes up a complete individual.  The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children provides resources for parents and offers special training and events to nurture the parent and child bond.
  2. FFB: The Foundation Fighting Blindness is a great organization working toward treatments and a cure for blindness.  They bring home to parents by listing the latest in research, treatments and fundraisers to help parents can stay in the know. 
  3. ACB: The American Council of the Blind helps blind people gain independence and increase their quality of life.  The ACB is striving to open doors for blind people by providing activities for children that can help them to enjoy life like their sighted peers.  The ACB also is home to the National Alliance of Blind Students which supports children in their studies.
  4. NAPVI: The National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments is a group that is committed to providing support for the parents of blind or visually impaired children.  They provide resources for parents as well as training for both children and parents.
  5. Lighthouse International: Lighthouse International has acquired NAVH (National Association for Visually Handicapped) and sells everyday items like phones and watches for the visually impaired or blind.  Lighthouse International has been around for over 100 years and has been at the forefront of technology that helps the visually impaired and helps blind people thrive with their condition.
  6. NFB: National Federation for the Blind helps blind and visually impaired children live a normal life.  They don’t treat blindness as a road block, but as just another bump in the road of life.  They model a great attitude for their students and parents and help parents learn ways to teach their child to adapt to a sighted world and use different tools and skills to live their lives to the fullest.
  7. Seedlings: Seedlings is an organization that makes braille books.  They are a non-profit organization and sell the books for half of what it costs to make them.  They are funded by donations and sales of various products such as necklaces.  They provide book descriptions and reviews just like a regular bookstore would do, but it’s all for Braille books.
  8. AFB: The American Federation for the Blind pushes forward legislation for better education for blind students on the state and national level.  There are not enough programs in place today to help blind students grow up to hold jobs and to live independently.  AFB feels there is no reason for this and is striving to right this wrong.
  9. AER: The Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired has a wide range of offerings.  They specialize in helping blind professionals, but they also offer scholarships to help blind students attend college.  They are advocates for bringing visually impaired people into the workplace and for ensuring government run services for blind or visually impaired people are continued.
  10. BANA: The Braille Authority of North America is an organization that is committed to bringing Braille to every blind and visually impaired person who wants it.  They are not only working on standardizing Braille throughout the world, but they are educating students in the art of tactile reading.  There are many literacy programs throughout the country for sighted students, but BANA is one of very few that focuses on teaching reading to unsighted or visually impaired students.  BANA publishes many books, games and cards in Braille.

The resources and support of large organizations can be invaluable to helping families cope and thrive with blindness. If you’re the parents of a visually impaired child, contact one of these organizations above.

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