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10 Reasons to Carefully Consider the Culture of an Au Pair

Before you hire your family’s au pair you want to really carefully consider the culture of the au pair. There are disadvantages and advantages to different cultures, it just about finding one that fits your lifestyle best and that you and your family are most comfortable experiencing. Here are a few reasons you need to take your time when you make your decision on the culture background:

  1. Morals: Really look into the culture of your au pair to understand her cultures morals and values. You want to make sure that they are something that you can accept, understand and respect.
  2. Religious views: If you have an open mind to religion then you may not mind finding an au pair with a different view. However, depending on your religious practices, you au pair may practice something that you are uncomfortable with and vice versa.
  3. Living with the culture: Chances are your au pair will not change that drastically once she becomes part of your family. So keep in mind that her culture practices and habits most likely will not change.
  4. Learn from it: Consider a culture that you would enjoy getting to know, one that you know you and your family can learn and benefit from. Hiring an au pair for a different culture can help expand your family’s world knowledge.
  5. Child rearing: Each country raises their children differently. Some countries are very controlling and strict with their children. However the United States culture differs because of its lax child rearing ways. Pick a culture that is most like your child rearing beliefs.
  6. Punishment:  In the United States punishment of a child walks a thin line unlike in other cultures where spanking and sometimes beating a child is acceptable. Be sure you pick a culture that follows your punishment actions.
  7. Languages: Some language can be harder or easier for the family to learn. Depending on what you want for your children, pick a language that you would enjoy using. Keep in mind the slight problems that language barriers can cause.
  8. Food: Some cultures are very strict on their diets and have different foods. Adjusting to American food can be difficult for the digestive system. You also want to make sure the au pair is familiar with and is comfortable preparing dishes your family enjoys.
  9. Expectations: Some cultures may expect that because you are in the United States that you are to provide certain things. Be prepared to ask what they are expecting before you hire.
  10. Transitional: Picking a culture that is similar to the United States will make it easier on your family and the au pair to transition into this life change.

No matter what culture you end up choosing, make sure the au pair is what your family will be comfortable with. This could be a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved. Good luck in your search!

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