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10 Ways for an Au Pair to Research a Host Family

You have a family interested in hiring you as their au pair, but before accepting the job offer, there are a few things you should check out. Just like the family does their homework on you, it is smart to do your homework on the host family; here are 10 ways to for you to research:

  1. Basic Google search: It’s simple and free. Type in the family member names and do a basic Google search. You may be able to find some more information on the family from articles in local newspapers and other write ups.
  2. Ask for references: Just like the family asked for your list of references, ask for theirs. They will understand that you want to research them as much as they want to research you.
  3. Facebook: It is the world’s number one social networking site. Look up the host family on Facebook to get to know them better.
  4. Check sites: If you found the family through an au pair matching web site, that site should be able to offer you more insight and information on the family and confirm that the family is a good match for you.
  5. Review profile/bios: Take a good amount of time getting to know the family my reviewing their online family profile and bio on the au pair matching sites. A lot can be said in these bios.
  6. Request and review photos: To get a better idea of the family ask for photos of the family. Seeing photos of the children and parents interacting will help you see if you feel like they are a match for you.
  7. LinkedIn: The professional networking site is a good way to investigate the father and mother. You are able to see their current jobs and what they do as well as any recommendations that clients and employees have stated about them. Work ethic is a good indicator on what kind of family you may be working with.
  8. Background check: Run a criminal background check on the mother and father of the family. They will run on your and it is perfect acceptable to run one on the parents.
  9. Word of Mouth: Sometimes just asking fellow au pairs, you can get information. Au pairs run in a tight community and if there is a bad family, you will know it.
  10. Community involvement: Check their local cities and see what organizations or clubs they are members of. Whether that is volunteering, church groups or sports groups, these groups can tell you what kind of family they are.

No news is good news in most cases. If you are unable to pull up a lot of information on the family, chances are they are okay. Check the references and go with the family that you are most comfortable with.

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