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10 Ways to Check References on Foreign Au Pairs

Reference checks are never easy and typically take some time, especially when dealing with a reference check that is abroad. It is very important to check the references before you hire a foreign au pair and here are 10 ways to help you through the process:

  1. Ask for contact information: When you are talking with your foreign au pair ask for a list of references with their correct contact information. Since they are out of the country ask for email addresses as well as phone numbers.
  2. Education references: Have the au pair supply you with their schooling background and contact information. You can contact the school to confirm the dates they attended and graduated.
  3. Employer references: Former employers are a great way to get to know your future au pair’s work ethic. Confirm the dates of employment as well as the reasons for leaving. Asking them their personal opinion is allowed but sometimes not given.
  4. Family references: Getting family references is how you can get to know your au pair on a personal level. Speaking to an aunt or a sibling on a more personal level will also make you feel more comfortable with your au pair.
  5. Friend references: Friends aren’t family but can be old chums from school or work. Like with a family reference you are able to get to know your au pair on a more personal and social level.
  6. Get language help: depending on where you au pair resides, you may want to look into getting with an interpreter to help you with your references calls and emails. Keep in mind things can sometimes get lost in translation and having an interrupter can help with that.
  7. Skype: International calls can cost a lot of money. So try the next best thing if not even better, way to make a call. Skype, you are able to see and speak with the references for free.
  8. Email: Emailing your reference is a quick and easy way to communicate with someone abroad. It is free and your response time is shorter.
  9. Linked In/Facebook: Linked In is the largest professional social network and you most likely you will be able to find references on this site. There you can view their profile and make sure everything checks out. Also check Facebook, with over 800 million users, you are bound to find the references if not au pair online.
  10. Google: A simple Google search is fast, friendly and free. Just Google the references information and most likely you will be able to turn up the school or company and go from there. Depending on company or school, some records may be public for your view.

It will be a tedious task, but checking your au pair’s references is very important. Stay patient and ask for help. Good luck in your references check!

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