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10 Ways to Run Background Checks for Au Pairs

Before you hire an au pair, it is best to conduct a thorough background check. You want to make sure that the au pair living in your home and taking care of your children is everything she says she is. Background checks will notify you if the au pair has any criminal history or problems you should be aware of. Here are 10 ways you can do a background check on an au pair:

  1. Private investigators: This may be your most expensive route to take. It may cost you a pretty penny but you will get more information than you asked for. A PI can find anything and everything about your au pair.
  2. Background check websites: This is probably the easiest and quickest way to get information on your au pair. There are many different websites you can try and the price range is large. What is great about these sites is that they combine all the information in one format for you.
  3. County records: You can check the county your au pair lives in and search the local records. These records are public and most can be found online.
  4. Local police records: Police departments offer information on those who have a criminal background, in addition to providing details about area sex offenders. Often local police departments can work with other police departments to exchange information.
  5. State correctional records: You can skip the county and go straight to the state that the au pair is from. Most states have this available online and you can find criminal history.
  6. Employment history: Most likely the au pair will give you her employment history. Once you get it, you can call each former employer to confirm their dates of employment as well as, ask questions about the au pair.
  7. Social networks: Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. With over 800 million active users, you are most likely to find your au pair online. Depending on their privacy settings, you may be able to review their profile and search their photos. A person’s Facebook profile can tell you more about someone than any background check.
  8. Academic history: This will be given to you by the au pair applying for the position. You can all the institution to verify and confirm dates of attendance and graduation.
  9. Personal references: This will be a list provided by the au pair. You should have names, contact numbers as well as relationship to the reference. You should have an employer/employee, family and a friend reference. You can call the references to get a better idea of what the au pair.
  10. Google search: Free, fast and super easy. This one requires no extra guidance. Just Google your au pair’s name and hometown and you may find information on them.
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