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15 Blogs with Dessert-in-a-Jar Recipes for Goodies on the Go

Over the last few years, one of the biggest dessert trends has been the dessert-in-a-jar.  For years people would serve lemonade or other drinks in a jar to lend a quaint country feel to the occasion, and now desserts are taking on that same Southern charm.  Plus, they’re perfect for when you’re on the go; just put a lid on the jar and pack it in a lunch box, picnic basket or cooler and you’re ready.  These desserts can be made in many varieties, including layered desserts, baked desserts and frozen desserts.  Feast your eyes on these 15 blog entries for inspiring recipes.

Layered Desserts

Layered desserts are created by layering different ready-to-eat ingredients into jars of various sizes.  Everything is already cooked and can be eaten at room temperature.  One example of a layered dessert might be a cupcake divided up with frosting between the cake layers, making a cupcake taste more like a layered cake.  That’s not all you can do though; there are many other options, as you can see when you take a look at these five blog posts.

  • S’Mores in Jars If you’ve had s’mores before then you know how yummy they are.  These S’mores in a Jar are layered and baked a little to get the melty toasted goodness of the real s’more.  It can be eaten right away or served at room temperature.
  • Apple and Gingerbread Layer Dessert Jars Cooked apples are layered with gingerbread for this dessert in a jar.
  • Adorable Jars for Easy Eating and Giving Layered Nutella mousse and Oreo cookies take this dessert-in-a-jar over the top!
  • Layered Pumpkin Pie in a Jar Creamy layers of pumpkin pudding, whipped cream and graham crackers take this Thanksgiving treat to the next level.
  • Banana Caramel Cream Dessert If you like banana pudding desserts, you will love this concoction of pastry cream, bananas, whipped cream and caramel sauce.

Baked Desserts

Baked desserts are desserts that are built inside the jar and then baked.  You can bake pie, cake, or bread right in the jar.  The dessert can be enjoyed fresh from the oven or at room temperature on a picnic.  These desserts can even be frozen and baked off a few at a time.  They also make a special treat for guests.  Bake them off and tie a ribbon around the jar to give them away as gifts.  For some baked in a jar goodness, check out the following five blog articles.

Frozen Desserts

Create a frozen layered dessert, ice cream or other type of frozen treat in a jar after you take a look at these five blog posts.  By keeping these desserts packed in ice you can take almost any dessert on the road with you.  What could be tastier than a frozen treat on a warm summer day?  People love how cute and quaint desserts-in-a-jar are and they keep the mess to a minimum because you can screw the lid back onto the jar and then take it home and toss the jars into the dishwasher.

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