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15 Blogs with Healthy Recipes to Try with Your Wok

Do you have a wok stashed away in the cupboard somewhere that you never use?  Break that bad boy out and try some of these recipes.  Not only is wok cooking healthier for you because it uses high heat with very little fat, but it often contains a lot of vegetables.  If you think you don’t have time to mess with the wok, think again.  Cooking dinner in the wok is far faster than nearly any other method of cooking.  Prep your ingredients ahead of time and then when it’s time to cook you just need to get your wok screaming hot and start cooking.  Whether you’re vegetarian or a meat lover you will find tasty recipes to try in these 15 blog entries.


For vegetarians, wok cooking is a perfect way to change things up.  By stir frying your vegetables and tossing them in a delicious sauce you can really shake up your normal menus.  Find a post below with several sauce recipes you can use with vegetables of your choice.  You can prep your vegetables in the morning and when you get home you can start cooking and be sitting down to dinner in no time.  Tofu is a high protein staple in both vegetarian cooking and wok cooking because once cooked in a wok with other vegetables and a sauce the tofu will take on a whole different flavor.  These five blog posts will give you several new ideas to add to your weekly menu.


Asian cooking doesn’t tend to be heavy on beef.  When you see stir fry the meat is cut into small pieces in order to cook quickly and feed more people.  It’s very uncommon to see Asian people sit down to a 16 oz. steak.  The meat just isn’t available to the average family.  Many wok dishes are made with meat that is relatively tough and so it is marinated to make the meat tenderer.  To try some of these beef recipes just take a look at these five blog articles.


Chicken is fairly common in Asian and wok cooking since it’s simple and quick to cook.  Boneless and skinless chicken thigh is used more often because not only is it cheaper, but it’s got more flavor than breast meat.  However, when making these recipes you can interchange breast meat or thigh meat based on your preference and what you have on hand.  That’s another thing about wok cooking, you can use up what you have in the fridge.

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