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18 Blogs Explaining How to Make Clothespin Crafts with Your Elementary Schooler

Elementary school kids range in age from five to 11.  While there is only six years difference between the youngest and oldest child in elementary school, there is a lot of cognitive development going on during those six years.  These clothespin crafts will range from simple, for the younger set, to a little more involved for those 3rd through 5th graders.  Keep in mind that you can always help the younger children with certain steps and let the older kids do the craft entirely on their own.  Learn how to make toys out of clothespins that the kids can take along anywhere.  Let them get creative and make some decorations to hang up around the house.  Finally, read about how to create gift items out of clothespins.  The kids could even make these for their teachers or for a loved one.  These 18 blog entries will explain the steps so that you can help your child get started.


Who needs to go to the toy store when you can make your own toys out of some old clothespins?  Keep your eyes open at thrift shops and garage sales to see if you can pick up some clothespins for next to nothing.  If you can’t find any don’t worry, they sell them in the craft department of most stores.  Take a look at these six blog posts to find out how you and your kids can make toys out of clothespins.


Allowing your kids to create their own artwork and decorations for their room lets them show their personality.  When they finish a project, make sure to put it up right away so they can be proud of what they’ve done.  Even if you help out a little now and then, make sure that you praise their skills and they will strive to improve.  Who would have thought that you could do so much with so little?  Check out these six blogs for some decorations that your kids can make.


The projects found on these six blogs are so unique that your child will be proud to make these gifts for their teacher or loved ones.  Teachers love getting handmade gifts from their students.  It’s especially nice if the gift is useful as well as ornamental.  Take a look at these blogs and see if one inspires you and your child.

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