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18 Blogs You Must Read Before Designing Your Wedding Invitations

Your wedding is one of the biggest moments in your life, so it’s no surprise that many people dedicate ample amounts of time, money and resources to making sure it’s as perfect as possible. While there are many aspects to a wedding, your wedding invitations are one of the most important because they are likely the first impression people will have of your upcoming marriage.  The wording you choose will let guests know whether you are having a traditional wedding, a destination wedding or something more laid-back and relaxed, as well as if you’re hosting the wedding yourself or if your parents are the ones who are hosting.  These 18 blog entries will give you some sample wording to help you create the perfect invitation.


In a traditional wedding invitation, the wording will reflect that the parents of the bride are inviting the guests. This typically also signifies that they are the ones who are paying for the wedding.  Wording can become tricky if your parents are divorced and are both hosting the wedding, as well as if your parents are divorced and remarried and both couples are helping pay for the wedding.  Figuring out how to navigate these complexities is explained on the following six blog posts.

  1. Wedding Invitation Wording: Bride’s Parents Host The wording listed on this post is about a wedding where the bride’s parents are paying for the wedding.
  2. Wedding Invitation Wording The humor on this post is entertaining to read.  A sample invitation starts out the post and is so irreverent that no one would ever send it out, though some would probably like to.
  3. Wedding Invitation Wording If you are in need of wording that includes step parents or a combination of people who are hosting the wedding, this is the blog post for you.
  4. Wedding Invitation Wording Can Be Fun and Creative Find a lot of encouragement on this blog to make your invitation into what you want it to be without getting too hung up on formalities.
  5. Wedding Invitation Wording Samples Invitation Issued Bride From formal to fun and handmade to store-bought, you can find samples for all sorts of invitations on this blog.
  6. Wedding Invitation Wording This blogger discusses how to change the wording based on who is paying for the wedding.  Sample wording is available for you to see.


Having a destination wedding can be a great option in place of a more traditional wedding for some couples; however, it also puts them in a unique position in that there are tons of details that need to be explained in the invitation.  How do you manage to get all of the pertinent information in without having the invitation become too long?  Samples of wording for destination weddings can be found within the following six blog articles.

  1. Best of 2012: Unique Invitation Wording for Destination Weddings Lots of sample wording can be found on this post and could be very helpful for the future bride and groom.
  2. Sally + Gray’s Maine Map Destination Wedding Invitations This amazing sample invitation shows you how you can incorporate additional events into your invitation besides just the details of the wedding.
  3. Beach Wedding Invitations: 5 Musts for Wording There are no samples of wording on this blog post, but instead this blogger tries to help you think about how you want the invitation to look and sound.
  4. Destination Wedding Invitation Wording You can find several sample invitations with wording that you might like to use for your destination wedding invitation here.
  5. Destination Wedding Invitation Wording Many samples can be found on this post, from poetic to just plain romantic.  You might want to borrow some ideas from this blog.
  6. Invitation Wording This blog explains how you can try to make sure that it’s clear in the wording of the invitation that you don’t want kids at the wedding.

From the Bride and Groom

It’s becoming more common for couples to wait to get married, and because of this many are paying for the wedding themselves.  When you’re both the happy couple and the host, the wording of the invitation is slightly different. These six blog articles will give you some sample word choices to use when hosting the wedding with your significant other.

  1. Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette Find wording tips for couple-hosted weddings on this post, as well as other tips on invitation etiquette.
  2. The Invitation Wording There are many suggestions made here regarding how to word invitations if the bride and groom are hosting the event.  Other tips include when to say ‘please’ and when not to.
  3. Wedding Invitation Wording and Etiquette This post is filled with information about what to include in the invitation and how to include it.
  4. Tip of the Day #54: Expert Wedding Invitation Advice from Rifle Paper Co. Written by someone who makes invitations, this blog has scads of information for you to read.  From what should be included in an invitation suite to how to budget for invitations, everything you need to know is contained in this blog post.
  5. The Best Way to Word Modern Wedding Stationery A couple hosted wedding can be formal or casual; however, if you’re taking a more modern approach you need to be mindful of how you word everything. This blogger gives some advice about using casual wording over the more formal wording of a traditional invitation.
  6. Wedding Invitation Wording Examples You can find a plethora of examples based on who is hosting the wedding in this post.  If you’re a couple who is hosting, simply click on couple hosted or scroll down until you reach the couple hosted wording examples.
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