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20 Blogs Describing the Health Benefits of Star Fruit

Carambola, more commonly known as star fruit, is a pale yellow fruit with dark ridges that, when cut, is the shape of a five or six pointed star. Star fruit is in season from late summer to early winter, and is most commonly found in Sri Lanka. Due to federal regulations regarding imported fruit, Florida, Hawaii and Puerto Rico also produce the star fruit. This sometimes sweet and sometimes tart fruit has a variety of health benefits, ranging from stimulating milk flow to slowing coughs, lowering blood pressure and improving your immune system. To learn more about the star fruit, read these 20 blog posts.

Stimulate Milk Flow

Some new mom’s suffer from a lack of milk supply, and are unable to produce enough for their baby. Certain prescription drugs can help to increase milk supply, however, for a natural remedy you need to look no further than the star fruit. For hundreds of years, this fruit has been consumed to increase milk production. To learn more about how the star fruit can help stimulate milk flow, read these five blog entries.

Treating Coughs

There are two types of star fruit, one that is sweet and one that is sour. To help relieve congestion, the sour star fruit is recommended as a great natural remedy. For more information, read through the following five blog articles.

Treating Cholesterol

Several different aspects of the star fruit are beneficial when treating or preventing high cholesterol. The fiber content found in star fruit can help carry cholesterol out of the body, and the natural pectin found in the fruit bonds to the cholesterol, allowing it to be flushed from the body. For more cholesterol information, read these five blog posts.

Improving Immune System

One of the main health benefits of the star fruit is its high vitamin C content.  Vitamin C has been shown to fight free radicals, which is helpful in preventing some types of cancers.  It also helps ward off colds and flus, which is why it’s considered to be such a great immune booster. Read more about how the star fruit can enhance the immune system in these five blog entries.

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