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21 Blogs Explaining How to Create a Father’s Day Present Dad will Brag About

Dads may seem rough and tough on the outside, but on the inside they can be just as squishy and sentimental as mom is, especially when it comes to their kids.  Father’s Day is the perfect time to help the kids make dad a keepsake gift that he can hang on the wall, put on his desk at work or keep on his dresser at home.  There are lots of crafty ideas out there, so whether dad is into sports or just loves homemade items from the kids, these simple to make gifts will be perfect for dad this Father’s Day.  Check out these 21 blog posts and see if you and the kids find any projects that you can make for dad.

Sports Minded Gifts

How about making a gift with a sports theme? Whether dad plays sports or just likes to watch it on TV, a sports themed gift might be perfect for him.  Maybe it’s a pasta trophy for being the best dad ever or a baseball cap note holder; no matter what you choose, dad will get a kick out of these Father’s Day presents.  You might even recycle one of his old ties and make it into a unique camera strap that he can use to shoot pictures at his favorite sporting events.  Take a look at these seven blog entries to see if any of these sporty crafts inspire you and the kids.

Budget-Friendly Gifts

Often, dads will say that they don’t need anything for Father’s Day or that they don’t want you to spend any money on them.  Well, there’s a solution for the budget conscious dad.  These crafts are not only cool and creative, they also won’t break the bank with the cost of supplies.  Using supplies you likely already have at home you can create an endless array of gifts perfect for dad.  These seven blogs are full of budget conscious gifts.

Easy to Make Gifts

Don’t worry if you aren’t particularly crafty, because these crafts are easy enough for the kids to do and only require a little supervision from mom or another adult helper.  Let your kids customize a notepad cube for dad to keep on his desk.  Glue some candy bars on sticks and poke them into a vase to create a candy bouquet for dad.  Whatever the craft is, dad will love it because it came from the kids.  Look through these seven blog posts and get your kids excited about making something for dad for Father’s Day that he will not only be proud of, but he will brag about it.

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