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21 Blogs Offering Advice for Picking the Best Eyeglass Frames for Your Face

Are you in the market for new prescription glasses or sunglasses, but don’t know what style of frames are the most flattering for your face? The following 21 blog entries can help.  Keep in mind that choosing the right frame is not limited to just shape; getting the right color to complement your skin tone is important too.  When choosing sunglasses, you will need to look for the added UVA and UVB protection.  Once you learn what frame shape you should look for, take a look at this year’s eyeglass trends. You may find a pair that’s both functional and trendy!

Prescription Glasses

When selecting the right pair of glasses, you will want to make sure that they are comfortable to wear.  While you want to pick a pair that will function as a stylish accessory as well as a necessary tool, if they aren’t comfortable you won’t be happy with them.  You also need to take into consideration your budget and your face shape.  These seven blog posts will explain how to decide what shape face you have and what shape of glasses you should choose.


While many of the same rules hold for sunglasses as they do for eyeglasses, there are some differences.  You can go bigger and bolder with sunglasses because you’ll just be wearing them outside, versus regular glasses that you’ll be wearing all day.  Have fun with your sunglasses, but make sure they make you look good.


Like clothes, shoes and accessories, there are trends for eyeglasses too.  Think back to the 60’s when everyone had to wear the cat eye frames because that’s pretty much all that was available.  Now that trend is back and people are picking it on purpose.  To learn more trends check out these seven blog articles.

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