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25 Blogs with Sweet Love Poems to Impress Your Valentine

As Valentine’s Day approaches thoughts naturally begin to turn to love, at least for some people.  Even if you don’t have that special someone in your life, there are many kinds of love that can be celebrated, and poems have been written for them all.  You can love your friends or your family, your spouse or someone you secretly admire.  If you’re trying to impress someone this Valentine’s Day, there’s something about poetry that shows you went the extra mile.  Check out these 25 blog entries to find the perfect poem for your situation.

Man to Woman

There’s something inherently romantic about a man sending a love poem to a woman, especially when it is accompanied by some pretty flowers.  There are lots of poems written from a man to a woman, and these five blog posts can help you find just the right one for your sweetie.  Don’t forget to include a little gift with the poem to steal her heart.  Make this Valentine’s Day something special.

Woman to Man

You may think that men send poetry to women more often than women send it to men, but there are a lot of poems that have been penned from a woman to the special man in her life.  If you were lucky enough to meet a person that you want to be with, then you should send him a love poem this Valentine’s Day to let him know that you care.  Glance through these five blog articles and see if any of them spark your interest.


Sending a poem of love to a family member can be a sweet way to give a Valentine to your mom, sister or even a pet.  Everyone can enjoy a poem, and there’s no better time to send a love poem than during the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day.  If you can write poetry, get started; if you can’t, then you might want to take a look at these five blog posts and see if you can find one that fits your needs.

Friend to Friend

A good friend is nothing to take advantage of.  Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let your friend know that you love her and that your life would not be the same without her.  Everyone needs a friend to lean on during bad times and a friend who will celebrate with her during the good times.  Read through these blog articles and see if any of these five poems strike a chord with you.

Secret Admirer

Arguably, one of the best times to receive poetry is when you receive it from a secret admirer.  Take some time figuring out which poem fits the situation.  After all, you don’t want her to think she’s got a stalker! These five blog posts can share a few love poems that might work for your situation.  If not, you can always try your hand at writing your own.

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