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27 of the Best Blogs Figuring Out Ways to Celebrate Earth Week

Earth week, which is typically toward the end of April, is a week dedicated to celebrating the world we live in, with Earth Day rounding the week out. You can take part in celebrating Earth week by making a craft, planting flowers or picking up trash at a local park. However, you don’t have to keep your Earth celebrations limited to this week. Raising kids’ awareness of the problems that are happening to the planet might encourage future environmentalists, or at least inspire kids to take care of the planet. These 27 blog articles are full of ideas for different ways you can celebrate Earth week.


Instead of throwing discarded newspapers or old crayons into the trash, recycle these items into different crafts. Old newspapers are perfect for papier-mâché and crayons can be melted down and reformed into a new shape. While explaining the craft, it’s important to highlight to your kids how you’re recycling different items and why doing so makes an impact on the planet.  Take a look at these nine blog posts to gather ideas for Earth Day crafts.


Any activity that encourages kids to think about their environment is perfect for Earth Day.  You can plant a garden and talk to your kids about eating the food that will come from the garden, or take the kids to a farmer’s market and buy from local farmers.  These and other Earth day activities can be found in the nine blog entries below.

Service Projects

Over a billion people take part in Earth Day service projects around the world.  The one thing that every person on the planet has in common is that we all live on this planet, and if we want to keep living on it then everyone needs to do their part in taking care of it.  Take a look around your community to see what service projects you can do, then get a group of people together to do it. For inspiration, look at these nine blog articles about various service projects.

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