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30 Blogs About Kindergarten Readiness

One of childhood’s major milestones is starting kindergarten. If you opted to forgo formal preschool in the interest of keeping your child at home for one last year, then his first year of school will also be his first year of experience with leaving home, a classroom environment and interacting with large groups of his peers. Thanks to the plethora of parenting and childcare blogs on the Internet, figuring out how to prepare your little one for his foray into the world of “big kid” school is as simple as clicking the mouse.

Entry Requirements

While the particular entry requirements of each kindergarten will vary from state to state and even from one school district to the next, there are some things that are so common as to be considered almost universal. These five blogs cover the typical entry requirements, and how you can make sure that you’re on the right track.


Theories that vaccines cause everything from autism to asthma have spurred a growing number of new parents to eschew vaccines altogether. While this trendy new practice is gathering steam, many of these parents find themselves in an unforeseen pickle when their child’s kindergarten requires vaccination records. These five blogs handle the subject of vaccinations and kindergarten enrollment.

Motor Skills

Kindergarten isn’t just about learning the fundamentals of reading, writing and counting, but also ensuring that kids have developed certain gross motor and coordination skills. These five bloggers talk about the motor skills required in kindergarten, and how you can help your child meet them.

Social Skills

Kids that have never been in large groups with other children their age, especially only children who did not attend preschool, may have a difficult time socializing in an appropriate way when they reach kindergarten. In the interest of boosting your child’s confidence and making sure that he’s socially equipped for kindergarten, these five blogs offer some advice.

What to Expect

All the skipping, jumping, playing and alphabet-reciting in the world won’t help your little guy know what to expect from his first few days of kindergarten. While you’re perusing the blogosphere for readiness and skill requirement advice, don’t forget to look over these tips for helping your child understand what kindergarten is all about.

Separation Anxiety

The worst part of leaving a child at school for the first time, for many parents, is the fear and separation anxiety that he feels as he watches a parent depart. These five blogs discuss the best methods for dealing with separation anxiety.

The global village created by the Internet makes it possible for parents and caregivers to bounce ideas off one another, share their opinions and find useful hints and tips for navigating the sometimes-treacherous road of raising children. These blogs, along with scores of others, tackle a handful of the common issues that all parents face.

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