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30 Blogs Featuring Ethnic Recipes

If you’re seeking a method for expanding your culinary horizons and hoping to look beyond everyday American fare, there are a staggering array of food blogs from around the world that focus on preparing food from other cultures. The Internet really has helped to make the world a bit smaller, putting the cuisine of other ethnicities at the tips of your fingers and making it easier than ever to learn the ins and outs of preparing those dishes yourself. These 30 blogs explore food from a global perspective, offering recipes, hints and how-to advice that will help you host your very own food adventures from the comfort of your kitchen.

Chinese Cuisine

While you may be familiar with the fare offered at your local Chinese buffet, chances are you’ve never tasted genuine homemade Chinese food. These five blogs are built around the idea of bringing traditional, authentic Chinese recipes to Western kitchens, making it easier for you to experience the flavor profile of true Chinese cuisine.

Indian Food

Food is very big part of Indian culture, with many of the festivals and celebrations of a diverse nation centering around the dishes prepared for and served there. Even those who are experienced Indian diners tend to balk at preparing their own Indian food however, as some dishes can be complicated to prepare and many of the ingredients are unfamiliar. These five blogs offer excellent beginner courses in preparing and serving authentic Indian food, and are great places to start learning preparation techniques.

Mexican Fare

If you’re experience with Mexican food consists largely of drive-through windows and the occasional enchilada at a local restaurant, the offerings of these five blogs are sure to thrill your taste buds and let you know exactly what you’ve been missing. Recipes, hints and preparation tips abound in these blogs, helping you to learn your way around the cocina in no time!

Italian Delicacies

Most Americans are intimately familiar with spaghetti and meatballs, but there’s far more to Italian cuisine than meets the pasta bowl. These five blogs focus on traditional preparation of authentic Italian dishes, helping those who don’t have the good fortune of being able to plan an epicurean Italian tour experience the wonders and incredible flavors of Italian food.

Mediterranean Dishes

Exploring the exotic flavors of the Mediterranean no longer requires international travel. You can taste the delights of Mediterranean foods by preparing them yourself after visiting these five blogs, which showcase the food and culture of the Mediterranean region.

European Eats

From the particularity and rigid rules of French cuisine to the relaxed, hearty fare of Scotland, these five blogs showcase recipes from all over Europe. Whether you’re interested in exploring the culture of specific European countries or are simply looking for new and exciting meals to prepare, these five blogs won’t let you down.

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