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30 Blogs on Healthy Living for Kids

Growing up a few decades ago no one worried about what kids ate.  Everyone seemed to envy kids because they had such high metabolisms that they could burn off anything.  However, now that kids sit in front of the TV or play video games for hours on end they don’t have such high metabolisms and childhood obesity is now a huge risk.  Here are 30 blog entries regarding things you can do with and for your kids to keep them healthy.


Send kids out to play.  Parents no longer send their kids outside and tell them to come home once the street lights go on as they did years ago, but that doesn’t mean that outside time should be banished.  Here are five blog posts that provide some suggestions on how to get kids moving and playing more outdoors.

Balanced Diet Examples

Kids need more than just exercise, even though exercise will go a long way to helping kids lead a healthy life.  Kids need to eat the right kinds of food.  These five bloggers will give you examples of balanced diets for kids.


Getting your kids to live a healthy lifestyle can be tough.  Are there tips and tricks that you can use?  Check out these five blog posts to get some ideas.

Healthy Recipes

How do you get your kids to eat the healthy food that you know they need to eat?  Some kids may be willing to eat a piece of grilled fish, steamed broccoli and a fresh salad, but there are many who won’t.  Here are some kid-friendly recipes that are healthy.

Kids in the Kitchen

One way to get kids to try things that they might not otherwise try is to let them cook it themselves.  One night a week when you don’t have a bunch of activities going on, take the time to get the kids into the kitchen.  These bloggers agree and give you more information on how to do it.

Body Image

There are so many confusing messages out there about body image.  Kids see models and think that they need to be thin like them.  Kids are teased and called fat and now instead of seeing themselves in a positive light their self-esteem suffers.  Read what these bloggers who have tackled the body image topic have to say.

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