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30 Blogs with Tips for Preserving the Bounty of Summer Fruits and Veggies

Many fruits and vegetables reach their peak ripeness during the summer months, making it the perfect time to take advantage of their vibrant flavors and to preserve some of them for the colder winter months when produce is less plentiful. Preserving, drying, canning and freezing are all great ways to enjoy the fresh tastes of summer year-round. For ideas on how to do all of these things and more, take a look at these 30 blog entries.

Jams, Jellies and Preserves

Capture summer’s sweet fruit at its peak of ripeness by making jams, jellies and preserves that you can enjoy for months to come. These methods typically don’t require very many ingredients or tools, and they’ll allow you to store the flavor of summer fruits throughout the winter. Take a look at these six blog articles to learn easy ways to make your own preserves.


Drying fruits out is a method of fruit preservation that has been used for centuries, and is another viable option for retaining fruits into the lean winter months. Whether you let your fruit sit out in the sun to dry out or use your oven, there are several different methods to drying you can employ. Check out these six blog posts to learn how to dry fruits.


Canning fruits and vegetables can save you a lot of money on food during the winter months, and allows you to control what goes into each jar. Say goodbye to unwanted chemicals and preservatives with the help of these six blog entries, and get started creating your own stash of canned food without ever stepping foot into a grocery store.


Freezing is, by far, the easiest and healthiest way to preserve fruits and vegetables. Some fruits, like strawberries, can be frozen whole on a baking sheet and then bagged up into a freezer bag for long term storage. Vegetables require a little more prep work because you have to clean them, but after that it’s usually easy going.  To find out more about freezing your excess crops, read these six blog posts.

Low Sugar Options

Normally preserves contain almost as much sugar as the fruit itself does, but there are ways you can create low-sugar varieties. For low-sugar recipes for preserves, marmalades, jams and others, check out these six blog articles.

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