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35 Blogs That Discuss Body Image

Body image and self-esteem issues stemming from the idea that your body isn’t attractive are normal to some extent, but can come with very difficult feelings to struggle through. Regardless of your shape or size, the most powerful weapon in your arsenal is a healthy confidence in yourself and the way that you look. These 35 blog entries are all dedicated to fostering a positive self-image and boosting that confidence, helping you to look and feel your best and serving as a sort of global support system during those times when you aren’t feeling overly self-assured.

Learning to Love Your Post-Baby Body

One of the most exciting and rewarding journeys in a woman’s life is pregnancy and childbirth. Because it can take a toll on your body and change the way that it looks, however, it can also be an extremely challenging time. These five blog entries are all centered on the idea of regaining your self-assurance after childbirth, whether you’re struggling to take extra weight off or not.

Fostering Confidence in Teens

A negative body image during the teen years can be particularly unhealthy, potentially leading to dangerous eating disorders or fixations on weight that can persist well into adulthood. Helping teens love themselves and their bodies is the focus of these five blog entries, making them valuable resources for parents and educators faced with the prospect of fostering confidence in teens regarding their appearance.

Changing a Negative Self-Image

The idea that your body is too imperfect can be an insidious one, creeping in and affecting almost every aspect of your life. If you’re down on your body and uncomfortable with the way that you look, the support, advice and information in these five blogs can help you to reverse your negative thinking and bolster your self-esteem.

Body Image in Children

It’s easy to assume that only adults struggle with negative perceptions of their body and poor self-image as a result, but that’s simply not true. Even very young children can become depressed or anxious if they feel that they’re not meeting conventional standards regarding their bodies. Combating those ideas and instilling a strong sense of self-worth before the awkwardness and complications of adolescence can be a major factor in avoiding future body image problems that can lead to eating disorders or other unhealthy habits, and is a task that these five blog entries take very seriously.

Encouragement for Curvy Women

In many ways, this is the age of the full-figured woman. More plus-sized women are embracing their shapes, feeling confident and comfortable in their skin regardless of the number on their clothes tags. These five blogs can help to encourage that attitude in curvy women that aren’t so accepting of their voluptuous bodies, boosting self-esteem and creating a positive body image for women of all sizes.

Body Image Issues in Men

Self-esteem and confidence problems in regard to weight or shape are not gender exclusive, despite subtle societal perceptions that men aren’t concerned with them. Poor body image can be just as devastating to men, which is why these five bloggers tackle the issue with such determination.

Breaking Bad Eating Habits

Your natural body shape may be a bit curvier or more solid than others, making diet and exercise regimes discouraging if you’re not dropping the pounds and fitting into a size two after starting a new program. Some bodies will never be slender, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be healthy. When you make the conscious effort to control what you eat and make healthier choices, you’ll begin to notice a difference in the way that you feel, regardless of any changes you may or may not see on the scale.

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One Response to “35 Blogs That Discuss Body Image”

cindy Says:

Thanks for putting together this comprehensive list of articles on body image. For so many women, coming to love their bodies is the first step toward self-acceptance, self-esteem and swagger!