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5 Fall Activities for Fathers and Daughters

Fathers are an integral part of each of their children’s lives, and offer both their sons and daughter very special, individualized relationships. The relationship between a father and his daughter is a very special one, and he has big shoes to fill when it comes to leading his daughter through life.  A father is the first male role model a little girl has to look up to, and through their relationship she will develop expectations for how men should treat her and what qualities a man should have. By spending one-on-one time with their daughters, fathers can strengthen their father-daughter bond, build a trusting relationship with their daughters, and set high standards for how the men in their future should treat them.

Here are 5 fall activities that dads and daughters may enjoy doing together:

  1. Raking leaves. Little girls love to work alongside their fathers.  Dad can rake leaves while she helps bag them up.  But before the leaves go into a bag, they should go into a big pile that they can jump in together.  Not only do the leaves get raked up, but dad and daughter have spent a little time bonding over a fun fall activity. 
  2. Tailgating at a game. Often thought of as more of a father and son outing, there are no rules that say that fathers and daughters can’t enjoy a good football game together.  If your daughter enjoys football or sports, she would probably love to go to a game with her dad.  Not only will dad get to teach some of the game basics to her, he’ll get to pass on his love of sports and of a good pregame party.
  3. Hiking. Whether it’s just being in the fresh air or being away from the distractions at home, like computers and video games, spending time outdoors together naturally lends itself to a bonding experience. Daughters and dads can talk while they hike, skip rocks in a creek, or have a picnic lunch.
  4. Camping. The fall season brings weather that is finally cool enough that most people can tolerate sleeping outside.  Fathers can teach their daughters how to put up a tent, gather wood, and cook over an open fire. Girls may also enjoy sitting around a campfire at night while listening to their dad’s stories, and may even share a few of their own.
  5. Going to a fall festival.  Many girls would consider spending the day with dad eating caramel apples, choosing pumpkins, and going on hay rides a perfect one. Attending a fall festival together could even become an annual father-daughter tradition, and you could make a memory book and add a photo in front of the festival entrance each year. This would be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

When it comes to dads and daughters, spending time together is the most important thing that they can do. Whether it’s sharing a hot cider on the back deck or going for a walk around the block, carving out regular one-on-one time together will help fathers and daughters build their relationship and stay connected.

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